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Art, faith, and positivity. The most important qualities I strive to live everyday.

I choose to live positively and with plenty of optimism. With God on my side, anything is possible. I will forever praise Him no matter what.

This page shows what is absolutely important to me.

~ Art – Faith – Positivity – Creativity – Compassion – Unity ~

Take a gander. All are welcome.

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Free Will

I am sure you have heard of all the talk about free will vs God’s will. God gave us free will so I can do whatever I want and I won’t be punished for it, right? There’s a lot more to the story than we think. Today, I will let you know what I think …

Photography Friday

Hallelujah!! We made it finally to Friday!! 🙂 and as in this special day, I call to celebrate photography Fridays again. This time will make a shout out to the deaf community: Maggie Lee Sayer. Maggie was born deaf in Paducah, Kentucky in 1920 where she spent 51 years of her life on a river houseboat. Could you imagine that life? As I was reading through her story, …