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As you all probably know by now, yesterday was one of the worst days we have ever experienced in this country. On this day, every single year, I always find myself right back in my 5th grade classroom hearing the news for the first time. I didn’t believe it at first. Then, they gathered us together with another class and we just stared at the news screen for the longest time that day. It was a horrible experience. I wish to never EVER experience that again.

Back to yesterday, I am honestly surprised by the amount of people who just treat it as just a regular day like nothing even happened. We can still live our lives, but just by taking a moment to remember goes a long way. I know several people who celebrated birthdays yesterday. That will happen anyway and they should celebrate the day of their birthday too, just like anyone else.

It just made me think about how far apart everyone is. How divided we really are. In times of these, we need to come together. That was a big part of history. Many parts of history that we should be learning from instead of avoiding. Yes, it was messy. But, we can change that by coming together! Unite! Become the UNITED States.

Honor. Respect. Remember.

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