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Art in Schools

You’ve often heard the debate whether or not to keep art and music in schools. I, of course, believe in the keeping of these subjects in every school. They help soothe the mind through all the homework and tests and pressure that are given to them on a daily basis.

I loved school and learning many different things, so I can’t really have much of a say here, but I do know of other’s circumstances.

We’re all different. It doesn’t matter if they’re not the greatest singer, especially at a young age. Same thing goes with artistic ability of drawing and painting and other art practices. Letting children know the basis of them is the main thing. If they want to learn more about these topics, then many more options become available when they’re older!

I heard on the radio that a child was having such difficulty coping with the amount of homework and tests and was very anxious. She often had chest pains and woke up at 4am freaking out about it. So, her mother, teachers, and tutor all came together about what to do. It’s so crazy how much we put onto our children’s lives. Yes, hard work is important, but so is relaxation and freeing your mind too.

These two subjects can do a lot more to someone than a smartphone does.

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