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Artist Block

So, it finally happened. That no good son-of-a-nutcracker (yes, of course an Elf reference) block in your head that prevents you from creating something magical has struck. What are you gonna do?

I have two tips to share that often help me when I go through this zone:

1 – Go out with friends/family. Sometimes, a break from life and just being with people you care about can definitely open your mind and possibly give you ideas.

2 – Take a walk. A brisk walk can be good for your mind and body. By seeing all the beauty that nature brings or even mankind brought to the city can also free your mind.

Take a breath and relax. It might be that your mind is just too overworked already and need a break. Who knows!

I would love to see what you do when you are stuck with that block.

Have a great day! :mrgreen:

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