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Child Mindset

Happy Monday y’all! 😊

We all should be learning from children instead of always vice versa. Kids don’t care about the level of knowledge you have or even what you look like. They love you no matter what. As long as you’re nice to them, that’s all that matters!

Another reason we as artists should be learning from them is their artistic side. They don’t care about perfection. Yes, of course, they only want you to show appreciation by it, but who doesn’t? It could only be a few scribbles and they are completely satisfied. What happened to us? We still should have this kind of mindset with out pieces. Children always have a big smile on their face even if it’s just a few scribbles or colored outside the lines. They don’t care! It’s their own creation and that made them happy.

We all should learn by this. Be satisfied with your artwork no matter what it looks like. You created it. Smile big and proud!

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