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Childhood Perception

When you think about art, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The thought about how are some people so great at drawing, painting, etc and all you can do is to barely make a stick figure? Aw i remember those days! The truth is anything can be a terrific peice of art as long as you think it is. Take a look at your children or neices/nephews or even a friend’s child. When they create something, they’re very excited with it. It doesn’t matter how it look; children love it only because it is something they made with their own hands. It might just be a small scribble. Who cares. When did we lose sight of this? When did we stop smiling or laughing at simple works of creation? Why did we stop?

I don’t understand. No one is “bad” at showing creativity. There is always more than one way to do something and especially create something. If it’s not one of your strongest skills you have, then who cares. The only thing that truly matters is how you like it.

So, I challenge you to take out the pencil/pen and paper and go ahead and doodle. A scribble? A simple tree? Stick figure? Finger paint? Anything you want. And just  appreciated what you have created. Go back to your inner childhood self and make art. 🙂

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