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With America’s Independence Day coming up, it made me think. Yes it’s definitely a great thing to realize this special day and celebrate the purpose. It IS a big deal to know and understand its significance. Another country living its own rules and way of life. We all are so divided whether it’s from country, race, culture, religion, political views, and even the types if food we consume on a daily basis.

I believe this is not what the world is meant to be. We all are supposed to come together with love and kindness no matter what our differences are. It doesn’t matter whether you are Indian, American, African, Asian, European, Antarctican, vegan, carnivore, Australian, gay, straight, Christian, atheist, poor, rich, etc.

We’re supposed to come together as ONE. It’s not about always being right about everything or being on the top of the pyramid of life. It’s about being there for each other especially in times of need.

So, forget labels. Forget the differences. Love what matters. Appreciate. Help.

Come together! UNITE!

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