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Is it Impossible to Pay Off Debt On A Low Income?

The answer: NO!

Trust me on this. Anything IS possible. It just has to come with the right mindset. If you truly focus and have excellent determination, you can do anything. A few years ago, I managed to pay off half my student loans (full amount: $16,000) in one year on a low income. I just adjusted each month and found a way to put extra towards it each month. I ate just fine. Rent was never late. I did good! I was prepared at the end of my grace period after college.

But if only I stuck with the plan then. Two years later and more debt in hand, I’m back to conquer it once and for all! Debt isn’t welcome here anymore. I’m kicking it out!

Feel free to follow my debt free journey here. I will be posting what I do on a daily basis to permanently remove debt from my home.

We aren’t supposed to be living like this. Let’s live our lives the way we were created to live. God doesn’t want us to be stressed and and debt.

I hope you all have a great day and conquer on!

God bless.

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