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So I’m taking one day a week away from the art topic and focusing on any other topic that has been on my mind during the week. Or even some advice I would love to share.

Today will be about life and labels. Have you ever wondered what life what be like without making labels about everything and everyone? We all go about our lives anyway. One kid is too loud. One kid is too quiet. One is annoying. One is a jerk. One is a hater. One is selfish. And a million other flaws. We are not perfect. These words are not nouns. They’re adjectives describing a person. We are people. Everyone has their own interests. I personally don’t care about the term “hater” because everyone is different. We all can’t like the same things. Each one of us are unique and have our own beliefs (examples: politics, religion, sports, music, etc.). It seems like whenever someone disagrees about anything including the little things, riots and fights break out. It’s like they can’t stand anyone having a different side than they do. I really don’t understand.

When we start focusing on what truly matters in life and start treating others like real human beings, then there won’t be a problem, right? Well, not as big anyway. Why can’t we all just accept who everyone is for who they are without getting bullied for thinking differently than you do?

Acceptance is a big thing. If they’re religious, and you’re not, then let them be. If you like hunting, but they don’t, then let it be. If you think someone is weird and possibly strange, then who cares. Everyone chooses their own path. If they’re happy, then that’s what matters.

So, put down the labels. Treat others with respect and kindness. Be the bigger person even if they don’t necessarily deserve it.

“Treat others like how you want to be treated.”

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