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Monday Motivation

Ah, brace yourselves! A new week has started! For most of us anyway.

Here are some words to help you through today:

Darkness never wins – embrace the positivity in every day life.

This is true for many things. If you are in a job you dislike or even around people you dislike, just smile and shine bright! Never let their attitude win you over. You woke up and have a job that pays your bills and gets you by. Just focus on what truly makes you happy.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. It’s not worth it. That ole saying “kill em with kindness” actually goes through my mind a lot. Instead of having people or places get you down and depressed, turn it into a positive! Think about your family, your kids, travel plans, your cup of coffee, or anything else that makes you smile big!

Have a great day! :mrgreen: stay positive and don’t let the darkness win!

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