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As part of my 2017 life goals to become more localized, I have decided to check out a small business art store: Moxie Art Supply. It is located in downtown Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It’s very easy to get to. The environment is loving and kind. When I stepped into the doorway, I didn’t even know what to expect. The sales associate was very nice. She could have been the owner of the neat shop, but I don’t know! Yes I’m the classic introvert.

I have stumbled upon many different art supplies from sketching and painting tools, mixed media, canvas, and many more! Everything was very easy to find, so that’s always a plus when you go in somewhere, right?

I didn’t even complain about their prices. It seemed reasonable for me. Some things were priced better other places (in my opinion).

The place had groovy and interesting music playing and was definitely inspirational for the type of business.

Overall, I’d gladly check it out again. It definitely felt like a great place to be in and highly recommend this store to others.

And no, they are not paying me for this post. This is based only on my experiences and opinions.

I hope you all have a wonderful day remember to keep that smile on your face. Embrace positivity.


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