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My Story

We each have our own unique chapters through this wonderful thing called life. Crazy, complicated, easy, stressful, happy, and chaotic are all the main chapters. Here is my story of how I found God which made me become a better person than I was before.

I wasn’t the typical child. I was always a “quiet” kid which I was often made fun of. I never understood anyone around me. I felt so distant even to my family and the few friends I had during the time. I honestly felt fine and comfortable being the way I was (introvert, etc), but unfortunately not everyone felt the same.

All the choices I had made growing up, I thought it was for the best despite my feelings in a situation. As long as people’s stress levels were down, that was enough for me. It became hard keeping emotions inside without anyone knowing. I wasn’t the typical child. Eventually, I learned that although helping others is great and exciting, I found that balance of taking care of myself too.

I was often angry and upset at everything and everyone around me. I felt so lost. You might say I had depression issues, which that could have been correct during those years.

I had always felt that something was missing and that it just wasn’t right.

My grandparents go to church and I sure did my share when I was a kid too before I stopped going, but definitely not like an experience I am now having.

Then, one day, over a year ago on a cold January day, I made an impulse decision on a Sunday morning to drive down to a local church. I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if anyone would even notice me. But, something just told me to go in.

That changed my life.

I was greeted by very nice and welcoming people. The sermon was everything that I needed to hear. Every week more and more encounters with people making me smile and having a sense of belonging. It felt really nice.

As I continue on my journey through Christ, I realized that I’m much more calm and relaxed, and I tend to accept things a lot more. Traffic changes? Let it be! Political changes? Let it be! I’m more appreciative now more than ever before. I had a huge list of daily complaints, but now that is close to none (still human afterall). I feel better than I ever was before! The sense of belonging is finally with me! I will forever be grateful with whatever is handed to me.

I look forward to what’s to come in my journey.

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