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We all have a past. Nothing too big or too small for God to handle. Do you ever think that God will never love you or even forgive you because of what you’ve done in the past? Get rid of that feeling. Talk to the Lord. He loves us SO much and forgives us more than anyone knows. Believe me, I still feel this way sometimes. I’ve been there. I was so angry with the Lord for my past experiences.

I honestly still feel bad, but there’s nothing I can do about it now except ask the Lord what to do and talk to Him through it. He forgives us because He loves us SO much. It truly amazes me every day.

Learn from the past. What can you do now about it? Move forward and trust in the Lord. Tell your story. We never know what will happen unless we try. Tell your testimony. Embrace what God has done for you. His forgiveness changes lives. 

Love like Jesus. For He has loved you.

Keep going through. Keeping fighting the good fight.

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