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Patience is in everything. In love. In trust. In life.

We are often running around rapidly. We are so focused on reaching that destination at full speed. Slow down. Good things happen to people while they wait…patiently. God doesn’t want us to always rush and constantly be on the move. I know it’s hard to just sit back and breathe. I still struggle with it a lot.

For example, when you’re driving, many people are speeding up and often showing recklessness just to reach a destination. The constant honking when others are driving too slow for their own satisfaction. It’s insane! I get it. Life is crazy. But, it’s just not worth it especially in a moving vehicle. We are NOT invincible.

Slow down. Have patience. Wait.

We miss out on many blessings and the enjoyment of the little things that life gives you if we keep rushing.

Being impatient often brings a lot of anxiety. At least it does for me anyway and that is never good.

So, I have a challenge for you today. Slow down. Breathe. If anything comes just at least one minute longer than you anticipate, let it be. Take your time. Trust. Have faith in the timing. Enjoy the ride.

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