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Review – American Sign Language Dictionary

Product: American Sign Language Dictionary, Third Edition

Author: Martin L.A. Sternberg

asl dictionary

My honest opinions in one paragraph. This book is amazing! I got it as a referral for one of my American Sign Language courses from my teacher, who happens to be deaf. I believe it’s the perfect size. It can fit well in a backback or even a smaller tote. This book is also light weight so that’s a bonus, right? What I love most about it is possibly the paperback cover. OK, maybe not, but it’s still cool. Yes, I am easily entertained also.

The reasoning why I mentioned my teacher being deaf is because I learned that the deaf community often get annoyed when people learn to sign words incorrectly, so this book definitely helps to correct that. No worries here!

I absolutely love that this book is very easy to read which is a must when learning a new language.

Sadly, I don’t have this book anymore. I gave it to my sister who is watching children daily and the book will come in handy for them. She loves it also. Learning so much one book at a time!

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Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear your thoughts!


Disclaimer: Yes, I am an affiliate for Amazon now, but these are still based on my honest opinions and reviews. I still absolutely love this book and will do whatever necessary to promote good quality 🙂 Good quality matters especially when money is involved.


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