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Surprising Art Facts

​Good morning y’all!
Today’s post will show you any interesting facts that you may or may not know. I would honestly tell you that most of these I was heavily shocked with. So, let’s see if I will be the only one! Ha!
Here ya go!
1. Did you know that Monet’s father actually disaproved of his paintings? Yeah I didn’t either. He wanted him to be a grocer. Well, I surely hope he changed his mind later on.
2. Leonardo Da Vinci was left handed. Yes! Awesome!! A fellow lefty!  it’s always nice to know that a historical person shares a characteristic of yours. He also wrote from right to left due to being left handed. Wow, why didn’t I think of that? He’s a genius.
3. Pablo Picasso: a thief? Nope. I’m not going to believe it! And you shouldn’t either. He was arrested for the theft of Mona Lisa in 1911 but was later cleared. Ah good!
3. How much artwork do you think Vincent Van Gogh has done throughout his lifetime? The answer might surprise you. He made over 2,000 works of art. 900 paintings and drawings and sketches. That is impressive!! It surely is a dedication. Well done Van Gogh. How much of all those do you think he sold during his lifetime? Just one. I guess he just didn’t care about money when he was alive. Well done again.
4. Have you ever been to the Museum of Modern Art in New York? Or at least knew someone who’s been before? Well, the Le Bateau painting by Henri Matisse was hung upside down for 46 days without anyone even noticing. Wow. It must have been that good! It was finally hung right side up on December 3, 1961.
5. Salvador Dali. What do you hear of when you first hear this name? Any stories from his time at art schools? No? Well here’s one. He was actually kicked out of his art school in Madrid. He lit his bedroom on fire and thought he was his dead brother’s reincarnation. Wow. That really changes everything, huh?
6. The Oxford English Dictionary offers 12 different meanings to the noun ‘art’. Wow, I would have guessed either 2 or 3 but not 12! That is impressive.
7. The No Child Left Behind Act clearly mandates that The Arts as a core academic subject. Wait, what?? Go figure. They would ignore important aspects to education.
8. Art develops kids imagination skills and helps with critical thinking skills. I believe that. It frees your mind to help think more clearly. Well it clears my mind anyway.
9. Jackson Pollock often used cigarettes to paint. Well then. I guess there are more more useful ways with cigarettes other than the obvious part that kills yout lungs.
10. Ever heard of “The Age of Bronze”? It’s an artpiece created by the one and only Auguste Rodin. Well, people thought he actually sacrificed a real human being due to the piece being so realistic. Wow. It takes a lot of talent to keep people wondering many crazy things. He’s definitely a true artist.
Well, there ya go folks! I hope you enjoy these facts and perhaps you were just as surprised as I was! Please leave a comment to share what you think about any of the above mentioned facts.

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