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What I Think About People With Disabilities

There is so much controversy concerning people with disabilities and I honestly don’t understand why. As a Christian woman, would I be mad at God for creating humans to be this way? No. Each person is a gift from God.

I know many people who have disabilities such as blindness, downs syndrome, autism, deaf, and much more. They are kind, hilarious, smart, and caring individuals who happen to think or even look a little differently than the majority of the population. They don’t even care what others think about them. Their confidence is up higher than anyone I know.

It might be tough at times, but no one ever said life is easy.

We are all a gift from God. Take delight in ALL of His creations.

God bless.

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Courageous – Movie Review

Courageous – 2 hours 9 minutes – 2011


Have you ever heard of the Christian film Courageous that was directed and produced by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick? It has been a while since it was released but never know! There are a ton of films that I haven’t seen yet. Well, here’s another movie to get on your to-watch list.

Courageous tells the story of a father realizing what is most important in life due to a tragic loss. The important role of fatherhood through religion. After studying the Bible, he decides to take action and sign a pledge. After careful thinking, his friends decide to take action in this pledge also: to be the best they can be for their children instead of being a “good enough” father.

After signing, they realize all the joys, commitment, and hardships they must take to truly honor the pledge.

I don’t have any children, but I believe without a doubt that this film changed my life. I learned what the Bible sees as what being a parent is all about. I noticed the honor and commitment. It truly amazes me. The love of parents to children is truly awesome.

And to the career choice with the film, I understand why they chose most of these characters to be police officers. Honor is definitely a characteristic an officer should have. But, like the movie tagline goes, “Honor begins at home.” If you brace yourself by showing all the love, honor, courage, and commitment at home, then chances are that they will follow you outside the home as well.

This film definitely has so much life lessons that you will definitely take in your own life. It truly is inspiring.

What is a parent to you?

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