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What I Think About People With Disabilities

There is so much controversy concerning people with disabilities and I honestly don’t understand why. As a Christian woman, would I be mad at God for creating humans to be this way? No. Each person is a gift from God.

I know many people who have disabilities such as blindness, downs syndrome, autism, deaf, and much more. They are kind, hilarious, smart, and caring individuals who happen to think or even look a little differently than the majority of the population. They don’t even care what others think about them. Their confidence is up higher than anyone I know.

It might be tough at times, but no one ever said life is easy.

We are all a gift from God. Take delight in ALL of His creations.

God bless.

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Photography Friday

Hallelujah!! We made it finally to Friday!! 🙂 and as in this special day, I call to celebrate photography Fridays again. This time will make a shout out to the deaf community: Maggie Lee Sayer. Maggie was born deaf in Paducah, Kentucky in 1920 where she spent 51 years of her life on a river houseboat. Could you imagine that life?

As I was reading through her story, she seemed like a remarkable woman. I just wish I knew about her before. Her photos tell the story of her life, from living in the countryside and being on the river. It would definitely be interesting to see especially if you’re familiar with the Tennessee and Kentucky areas.


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Review – American Sign Language Dictionary

Product: American Sign Language Dictionary, Third Edition

Author: Martin L.A. Sternberg

asl dictionary

My honest opinions in one paragraph. This book is amazing! I got it as a referral for one of my American Sign Language courses from my teacher, who happens to be deaf. I believe it’s the perfect size. It can fit well in a backback or even a smaller tote. This book is also light weight so that’s a bonus, right? What I love most about it is possibly the paperback cover. OK, maybe not, but it’s still cool. Yes, I am easily entertained also.

The reasoning why I mentioned my teacher being deaf is because I learned that the deaf community often get annoyed when people learn to sign words incorrectly, so this book definitely helps to correct that. No worries here!

I absolutely love that this book is very easy to read which is a must when learning a new language.

Sadly, I don’t have this book anymore. I gave it to my sister who is watching children daily and the book will come in handy for them. She loves it also. Learning so much one book at a time!

Click here for more information.

Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear your thoughts!


Disclaimer: Yes, I am an affiliate for Amazon now, but these are still based on my honest opinions and reviews. I still absolutely love this book and will do whatever necessary to promote good quality 🙂 Good quality matters especially when money is involved.