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The Art of a Different Language

Do you know another language? Either fluent or at least know a few conversational words other than your home language. It’s so fun to learn different cultures. We’re all so completely different; it’s exciting to dig around what and how others go about simple things.

For me, I know a bit of Spanish (2 years from high school) and a few bilingual acquaintances that help me remember words 😊

I recently gotten myself interested in American Sign Language. I have always been fascinated by the deaf culture and finally was able to start learning a few years ago. It’s so fun! I’m still learning more and more this day!! I’m addicted (hehe).

Learning a new language is tough and takes discipline, but that goes with learning anyway! Any kind of new knowledge is difficult. The key is sticking with it. The age old “practice makes perfect” saying is real!

Learning new languages is a form of art also. Think about it. You’re learning a beautiful new thing – no matter what language it is!

So, go out and embrace this beautiful world! So precious!

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