Have you ever gone to a catholic church? Or known someone who was catholic? I have. To both questions. It’s definitely an interesting religion. I love learning new things especially when it comes to different religions. I will always keep an open mind to each of them 🙂

As you might already know, I am not a catholic by whatever means. I just have great friends who practice. I’ve gone to their church several times, and honestly, I still get confused (but that’s ok). Learning something new is definitely challenging no matter what it is.

As my curious mind wanders into this religion, I notice that there are a lot of rules to follow. Many different rules and practices on a daily basis. I could be wrong since I am obviously new here and that’s just the way it goes.

I did like how they worship Mary so much in different forms which she is represented at times. I know that Mary is obviously very important and respected of course, but how I see her in this version is pretty spectacular.

At the service, I learned that it’s a praying time when others get back to their seats. If you don’t pray and have that quality time with the Lord, then still remain quiet in respect to others.

I still have a LONG way of learning with this religion and will love every moment of it. I have no plans of converting to Catholicism in the future, but it is still nice to learn. It’s nice to share to each other what we believe in with respect 🙂

If you have any experiences with other religions, I would love to hear them!

Also, if you happen to be catholic yourself, feel free to share and help me out kindly.

I hope you all have a great day with plenty of smiles 😊

God bless.

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