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What Bible Do I Have?

Does it matter which Bible you own or look through? I think no. They all tell the same stories, but with a different translation. The Bible that I have grown accustomed to is the NLT (New Living Translation) Holy Bible. I still remember when I received this one. A friend of mine gave each of us a new one around the time when fall semester was ending. It was from the occasion of the Christmas season of 2011. We just got done with our weekly small Bible Study group when she handed them out to the three of us. Two of which received large print due to being visually impaired. Kayla is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. I will never forget our friendship during those college years. I hope I could be a friend to someone else in the future like she was to me.

I find this Bible very easy to read through and study. I often find myself reading it through alone so it definitely helps a lot to have one that you can easily translate.

What kind of Bible do you have? I would love to know your thoughts and stories.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.

God bless.

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