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What to Do – Free/Budget Friendly

Are you tired of being broke? Don’t you just want to get out and do something, but prices are skyrocketing at an alarming rate. I’ve been there. I totally know the feeling. Every New Year, I would be saying, this is the year I will have a life! And, then of course things come up. Oh goodie.

So, I have came up with a list of things to do during those tough times. I hope you can draw inspiration (if you haven’t already). Some of these are local in my area, but I’m sure you could find some fun things in yours as well!

– Centennial Park. Yes, you would have to pay to go inside the Parthenon there, but the park itself is beautiful!

– Art/Craft Fairs. Most likely free anyway, but of course, it could depend on the event. If not free, then still budget friendly. I love checking these fairs out, even if I would be tempted to buy every item there!

– Tennessee State Museum. Last time I checked this museum has free admission. I hope it’s still the case! 🙂 learn about history without spending a dime!

– City/State Parks. Beautiful destinations!

– Summer Fests. Several different locations. I heard they’re fun, but I’ve never gone to any of them. If the music fest is at a park, then most likely is free.

– Shakespeare festival. I missed this last year!!! I’m so ashamed of myself. It’s free but a $10 donation is suggested.

– Art Crawls. Yes!! Visit your local business also seeing amazing artwork from artists within your community.

– Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival. So much fun! Learn about many different cultures.

– Seasonal Events in Town. Of course each town has their own events going on, so go out and learn a bit of your fellow neighbors and local businesses in the area. Pumpkinfest, Spring Fling, Winter festivals, etc.

I decided to stop at seven. Lucky 7! Seems like a good one to stop at for now 😊 Let me know what you do when you’re trying to save a few dollars!

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