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Why Art Matters

There are studies and beliefs out there that show that art is just a waste of time to others. Why is that? Is it because they want teachers to throw the common core down throats and make them worry about standardized tests? Children and adults need a break from all that brainwork. It’s just like recess, but I’m not going to go there at this time. This time is about the importance of art in society.

According to the National Art Education Association, there are numerous ways that art matters which I believe in.

The first one is that the arts often teach children problems can have more than one solution to a problem. There are more than one way to create a masterpiece. All of which include sketching, painting, using charcoal, and more. All of which are very different techniques but can come up with the same outcome. What can anyone say about math or science? Not much.

The second way art matters is that the arts celebrate the use of multiple perspectives. It teaches others how to cope with society by different perspectives from people. It’s important how others view certain aspects of society.

A third and final way I will discuss why art matters is that this helps people by talking about things that cannot be said at all or even easily. As an introverted person, I often find myself unable to clearly define certain things, so it helps me to express my feelings in my art. But, of course, this can happen to anyone else who’s not introverted. Art can be an easy way to express those emotions to people when it’s hard to express out loud. So as to end this, it’s also a good therapy tool.

I will be expressing more of my thoughts about the importance of art later, but these were my top 3. Feel free to explain why art matters to you. 🙂

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