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Wonderful World of Pencils

Today’s post will be about learning all about the basic tool we all use: the pencil. We never really think about much of anything. We just know it’s there. But how? Whoa – deep thought.

1. Before erasers were invented, people often used bread crumbs to erase their pencil mistakes. Hmm interesting. I will never see bread the same ever again.

2. The very first mechanical pencil factory was located in England with a patent in the year 1822. Sadly, the factory got blown up by a bomb in World War II.

3. There is no lead in pencils, so no worry of lead poisoning shall happen. They just contain clay and graphite. But, infections still might happen if anyone gets overly crazy into “attack” mode with pencils.

4. The world’s largest pencil is located at a manufacturing plant near Kuala Lumpur. The Castell 9000 stands 65 feet high.

5. Did you know that the average pencil holds enough graphite to draw a line that’s 35 miles long? Yeah, me neither. Who wants to test it out?

There ya go, folks! Interesting facts about common item we all use today. So, before you start your next sketch or homework or work related problem, think back to the history of it. Pencils have been through it all! Up in space, oceans, wartime, and even your bedroom.

Just a girl appreciating the little things 😀

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